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Prospective and Healthy Of Local Food (Cassava)

Indonesia is known as an agricultural country which means it plays an important role in the agricultural sector throughout the national economy. That is why some Indonesians live from agricultural products or from national products produced from the agricultural sector. Agriculture in a broad sense consists of five sectors, namely food crops, plantations, animal husbandry,…

Monitoring and Evaluation of the Strategic Tourism Areas

OTTIMMO International lecturers and chefs are trusted by Dinas Pariwisata dan Kebudayaan Kabupaten Pasuruan to become speakers for workshops on processing, packaging and marketing of souvenir products from potatoes on Tuesday, February 23 nd 2021 in Baledono village, Tosari sub-district, Pasuruan regency. This event is entitled Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of Management of Strategic…

The type and uses of whisk

Whisk come in all shapes and size, so how do you know which whisk is right for your kitchen? Learn about the different types of whisk and see which one are best for cooking your favorite meals: Balloon Whisk : This is one of the most popular types of whisks. The “balloon” is made from…

Extraordinary Food To Celebrate Chinese New Year

Siu Mie, Jiaozi, Yu Seng, chicken and duck dishes are often served during the Chinese New Year, but did you know that other unique dishes can also complement dishes to celebrate the Chinese New Year? Of course, the dishes that we has present were unique, delicious and healthy dishes. Through a virtual event (IG Live)…