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“Becoming a Pioneer of Higher Education Especially in the Field of Culinary Arts in Indonesia with International Standards in 2025”


  1. Organize the quality of education programs at national and international levels of culinary arts.
  2. Organize the research with beneficial to human welfare of culinary arts.
  3. Be active in applying scientific culinary arts to the wider community.


  1. Produced qualified Professional Chefs in the culinary arts who are able to compete globally.

  2. Produced high quality research of scientific publications, intellectual property and products that are beneficial to the development of the culinary industry at national and international levels.

  3. Collaboration between institutions and the community to improve knowledge in the culinary arts for the welfare of society.


Ottimmo Graduated 77 Students

Ottimmo – A total of 77 students of Ottimmo International that has finished their studies was graduated on 02 November 2018 at Vasa Hotel Surabaya. They are from batch of Venice (2015)   Graduation of Ottimmo is indeed quite unique because different from another university which the students wearing a toga, here we use a…

International Gourmet Galore (IGG) 2018

Flavoria, The Food Euphoria   Ottimmo – Ottimmo International have succeed helding International Gourmet Galore (IGG) 2018. Was held on 30 September 2018, IGG which the committee were all students, this time picking the theme was Flavoria, a bazaar with vintage atmosphere.   IGG which an annual event was held in Ottimmo campus were visited…

The Basic of Baking and Pastry

OTTIMMO – The beginning of August 2018 is a new experience of the Class of Florence. At least 96 students start their study in the baking and pastry class. In the first week they were taught the basic of baking and pastry.   The students were divided into two groups which is Fondant and Marzipan.…

New Student Orientation 2018

Introduction To Campus Environments And Rules and Regulations   OTTIMMO – the new students of OT starting their new academic study in Monday, July 31 2018. As an introduction program, 104 students start their orientation program.   For four days, the students were introduced to new rules and also the new environments, aside than doing…