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Indonesia is a country that consists of several islands, because it is rich in culture, Indonesia also has several special snacks from each region. This snack is commonly called by some people as a jajan pasar (traditional snack). Jajan pasar is delicious in terms of taste, but still lacks a high selling value. Some people…

Supplementary Food For Pregnant and Brestfeeding Women

Community Services “Supplementary Food For Pregnant and Brestfeeding Women” OTTIMMO International Lecturer and students conducted community service with topic “Nutritious Supplementary Food based on Healthy Vegetable Noodles, Fusilli Cassava and Mocaf-Spinach Cookies” to pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and kader posyandu in the Lidah Kulon village, Surabaya on Monday, December 14 st 2020. The period of…

Share Nutrition In New Normal at Pakuwon Trade Center

Many people change their lifestyle since the corona virus attacked the environment surround us. Some activity they did to avoid the virus, doing exercise regularly, and also managing a healthy food. Collaboration with Pakuwon Trade Center Management, we Ottimmo join to fill the event they have held, named Food City. The purpose of Food City…

Cooking Competition “Simple but Extraordinary”

Competition inspired by world food day, Ottimmo challenge the skill and creativity of cooking in Ottimmo Cooking Competition 2020. It named Simple But Extraordinary,in this competition we want the participant create quality cuisine with basic ingredients of tofu and tempeh. The purpose of these event are to hone the young people creativity in culinary and…