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“To be the leading culinary arts academy in Indonesia with International standards in 2025”


  1. To conduct culinary arts education programs that are qualified both national and internationally
  2. To perform  researches in culinary arts that will be beneficial towards social prosperity
  3. Actively participating in applying culinary arts knowledge to the society


  1. Producing qualified Chef which can compete globaly

  2. Producing a high quality researches in the form of research journal, Intellectual right property, and quality goods that are beneficial towards the growth of culinary industry in both national and international level

  3. Establishing mutual relationship between the academy and society for knowledge improvement for the sake of social prosperity


German potato salad

This is one of the famous potato side dish originating from southern germany. This dish is known in local language as “kartoffelsalat” The northern germany also has a variation of this dish which is almost similar to american style potato salad. The main difference between german and american style potato salad lies in the dressing,…

OTTIMMO Welcomes Politeknik Jember’s Visit

OTTIMMO – On Monday (10/2), OTTIMMO International welcomed a special guest, students of Politeknik Jember. As many as 98 students from the Food Technology study program made observations on food and beverage at the OTTIMMO campus. At the campus in the Citraland area, Surabaya, they had the opportunity to see firsthand culinary arts kitchen, baking…

*OTTIMMO 3rd Graduation

Modern Chefs Aren’t Just Good at Cooking OTTIMMO-Facing the increasingly rapid development of the culinary world, the demand for the chef profession also continues to increase. Even the chef profession is developing. Now it’s not just a cook, but chefs also have the ability to do business. This is the concern of the OTTIMMO International…

Why Culinary Arts?

Attending a culinary arts program will allow you to learn the skills and knowledge that are required of a chef in the kitchen, which includes not only knowing how to cook but also how to create new dishes, how to keep the kitchen safe, how to run the kitchen efficiently and more. Studying the culinary…