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This program is designed to accommodate students who has passion in food, in the arts of preparing a unique and delicious food and also making a delightful desserts. The program will be done in 3 years which will consist of 30 % theoretical knowledge and 70 % practical skills.

The main aspect of this program is to learn about culinary arts, baking and pastry arts, and beverages.

Culinary arts is designed to develop proficiency in food preparation and production, general knowledge of the kitchen, menu planning and development, traditional culinary arts skill, classic and modern cooking skill, gastronomy science, food service management, hygiene and sanitation, nutrition, food safety and cost control.

Baking and pastry arts is designed to develop proficiency in baking and pastry fundamentals and technology, modern and classical French pastries, plated desserts design, cakes and quick breads make-up techniques, new business planning strategies, bar and beverage operation quality management and new product research and development.


  • Chef Uniforms 3 pcs
  • Chef Knives 3 pcs
  • Sharpener 1 pc
  • Aprons & Ties 3 pcs
  • Ring & Name Tag 1 pc
  • Hand Outs
  • Knife Bag 1 pc
  • Safety Shoes 1 pair
  • 2 Pinset
  • Twizer
  • Spatula plating
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Food Container
  • Chef Uniforms 3 pcs
  • Aprons & Ties 3 pcs
  • Spatula 1 pc
  • Bread Knife 1 pc
  • Hand Outs
  • Mini Spatula
  • Cake Container