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Chef Anthony Sucipto, A.Md.Par.

Advanced Diploma Program OTTIMMO International (2017)
Specialty: Coffee
Signature Skill: Manual Brew & Espresso

Anthony started his culinary journey in 2014 when he enrolled in OTTIMMO International. His passion about food & Culinary world pushes Him to develop and honing his skill further.
He had His internship in Le Galleria as an entremetier for around 2 years, while he was in Le Galleria, he learned a lot about restaurant management, coffee brewing and workflow.
He started to fall in love with Coffee after studying its complexity, so he decided to expand his knowledge about coffee. In 2020 he opened his first coffee stall Kopi Daizou, and in 2021 he opened his coffee shop “ALUAMA” Coffee bar at Undaan Wetan 30A. From there He keep developing and pulls all his effort exploring Coffee from the beans to method.
Opening a business is an eye-opening experience for me, learning a lot of new things, and knowing a little bit more about the real world.
It’s All About You and Your Mind.