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We believe that everybody can cook, and you are no exception. Find your passion in the culinary world with us.

Our Story?

Akademi Kuliner and Patiseri OTTIMMO International were founded as a gourmet schools and training centre dedicated to the development and dissemination of outstanding craft and art of food and beverage preparation in Indonesia.


The school was granted by the PERITIA Foundation (*parts of the Italian Gastronomic Culture aficionados) to the built in Indonesia in October 2012 committed to offer high education in specialized food and beverage preparation.


The year 2013 also marked the academy’s formal establishment of the Master Gourmet program. A new emphasis on general studies that relates much toward practical experience is also currently introduced into our European standard curriculum.


In keeping with our proposed tradition of focusing on the best interest of student and responding to ever changing food and beverage industry, it was determined that students are offered to undertake 3 years education program through specialization or concentrations on the Culinary Arts and Gastronomy as well as the Baking pastry Arts and Science with the reward of Advance Diploma.


Akademi Kuliner and Patiseri OTTIMMO International will grow in program offerings and physical facilities. While at the same time, the Academy has already gained recognition and prestige from the food and beverage society, government, and education professionals.


In 2019 OTTIMMO was accredited. In March we got “B” in  culinary arts program accreditation, and in May we had “B” in accreditation from Badan Akreditasi Nasional Perguruan Tinggi (BAN-PT). In 2022 OTTIMMO International was recognized by World Chefs, Sorbonne, Paris, for its high standard of quality in culinary and pastry education and approved also by City and Guilds as an International Chefs Certification center in Indonesia.

Why Choose Us?

We nurture chefs to be qualified and able to compete globally.

OTTIMMO International were recognized by World Chefs, Sorbonne. Paris, for our high standard of quality in culinary and pastry education.

Secondly, we were approved by City and Guilds, United Kingdom, as International Chefs Certification center in Indonesia.