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Chef Ryan Yeremia Iskandar, S.S.

Undergraduate program English Literature – Petra Christian University (2006)
Specialty: Seafood Dish
Signature skill : Grilling Seafood
Being born in Iskandar family has its perks, good food is always the way to celebrate.
Whether it's a home cooked meal or professionally catered meal there’s always something to be amazed at, the aroma, the flavor, the memories of taste. The process of creating and recreating meals has always been an intriguing thing for him, it’s where the magic happens.
The way a meal could bring a smile and feeling of happiness to other people is the drive that moves him. He profoundly approves that a meal or a dish should invoke a feeling of warmth and pleasantness within everybody who is enjoying it.
He spent the last 13 years working in a seafood establishment, learning as much as he can about various kinds of seafood. Yet up till today he was still fascinated on how different cooking techniques produce different flavor profiles. The simplest alteration could bring dramatic effects, resulting in a great masterpiece fitting only for royalty or a total waste of time undeserving for consumption.

In addition to sea food, he is also in love with churned products, especially gelato. He never imagined that something he enjoyed as a kid could become one of the reasons he wakes up every morning. Each time he enjoys a cup of gelato is like eating a spoonful of cloud that is bursting with flavor. The enjoyment, excitement always brings a smile to his face. This is why he put all his effort into becoming the best in gelato making. Exploring new ways to use everyday ingredients, creating fantastic new flavors just to put a smile on people's face.