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Chef Jessica Hartan, A.Md.Par.

Advanced Diploma Program OTTIMMO International (2017)
Specialty: Western Bread, Tea
Signature Skill: Recipe Testing
Jessica has always been passionate about the culinary and patisserie world ever since her early age. Being born into a family who works within the seafood industry has made her familiar with the food industry ever since she was young. She finally started her own culinary journey when she enrolled in OTTIMMO International where she was deemed the Best Graduate in 2017 and managed to become the runner up of OTTIMMO Culinary Challenge.
She always loves pastries and desserts, and enjoys baking them. In addition to baking, she is also very passionate in expanding her knowledge in tea. Tea has always been something she appreciates and wishes for others to be interested in it as well.
Her early working days were spent at The St. Regis Resort Bali and there she experienced working in the Resort’s cold kitchen, pastry kitchen as well as the Resort’s most renowned fine dining restaurant, KayuPuti Restaurant. During that time, she managed to accomplish a Gold Medal during the 9th Salon Culinaire 2016, Bali. In 2022 she joined the team working as an Assistant Pastry Chef in OTTIMMO International.