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Elma Sulistiya, S.TP., M.Sc




Undergraduate Program Food Science & Technology – Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (2018)

Master Program Estate Crop Product Technology – Universitas Gadjah Mada (2022)


The research I have carried out includes Chemical synthesis of mono-and diacylglycerol from palm stearin-olein blend using continuous high shear stirred tank reactor, Type of packaging and storage time for Coconut-Sugar Coffee Mix using Red Palm Oil.

Currently, I am researching the antimicrobial properties of tea from Averrhoa blimbi flower and Zingiber officinale.

I am actively involved in several community service activities, as well as leading several activities such as nutrition education and cooking workshop for moms and kids from Dharma Wanita Kindergarten, Sushi roll decoration competitions for children and teenagers, and cooking workshops in Chinese New Year celebrations.

Novi Indah Permata Sari, ST.,M.Sc

Head Research & Community Service



Undergraduate program Agroindustrial Technology – Universitas Trunojoyo (2017) 

Master Program Food Science & Technology – Universitas Gadjah Mada (2021)


I have some research experiences such as biodegradable film from cassava starch, cereal gluten free from purple sweet potato which has positive impact for diabetic patient, antioxidant noodle made from purple sweet potato flour and fermented cassava, and recently I am doing research about microencapsulation of sweet potato leaf extract with Glucomannan Porang and Maltodextrin Using Spray Drying Method. 

I lead many community service activities such as water clean fundraising for drought-affected villages in Jogja, nutrition education for tuberculosis survivors at dr. Soetomo hospital Surabaya, cooking workshop for UMKM in Surabaya and so on.

Heni Adhianata S.TP., M. Sc.

Head of Culinary Arts Program



Undergraduate Program of Food Technology – Brawijaya University (2012)

Master Thesis of Agro-Industry Faculty – Kasetsart University Thailand (2013)

Master Degree of Food Science and Technology – Universitas Gadjah Mada (2014)


She has a passion to be a food and culinary scientist by utilizing local food ingredients.

Her research experiences were food fermentation, food microbiology, and cocoa processing that was done in Gadjah Mada University and completed in Kasetsart University Thailand.

Her fields of expertise are food microbiology, food processing and food nutrition.

Chef Gilbert Yanuar Hadiwirawan, A.Md.Par.


Advanced Diploma Program OTTIMMO International (2017)

Specialty: French Pastry

Signature Skill: Recipe Testing



He started his journey in the path of culinary work when he enrolled at OTTIMMO International in 2014 and during that time he had the highest GPA point and he also joined culinary challenge and became one of the top 3 participants.

His last work was as sous chef in Le Galeria Restaurant. His biggest interest was in the petit four and entremets, which landed him his current job as one of the Pastry Lecturer in OTTIMMO International. He also works as a part time F&B consultant during his free time.

Baking pastry world is really exciting for me, there are so many flavor and texture

Chef Anthony Sucipto, A.Md.Par.


Advanced Diploma Program OTTIMMO International (2017)

Specialty: Coffee

Signature Skill: Manual Brew & Espresso



Anthony started his culinary journey in 2014 when he enrolled in OTTIMMO International. His passion about food & Culinary world pushes Him to develop and honing his skill further.

He had His internship in Le Galleria as an entremetier for around 2 years, while he was in Le Galleria, he learned a lot about restaurant management, coffee brewing and workflow. 

He started to fall in love with Coffee after studying its complexity, so he decided to expand his knowledge about coffee. In 2020 he opened his first coffee stall Kopi Daizou, and in 2021 he opened his coffee shop “ALUAMA” Coffee bar at Undaan Wetan 30A. From there He keep developing and pulls all his effort exploring Coffee from the beans to method. 

Opening a business is an eye-opening experience for me, learning a lot of new things, and knowing a little bit more about the real world. 

It’s All About You and Your Mind.

Chef Arya Putra Sunjaya, S.E., BBA


Undergraduate program Hospitality management – Petra Christian University (2003)

Hospitality Management – Christelijke Hogeschool Netherland (2003)

Specialty: Chinese cuisine & Healthy food

Signature skill: Exotic dish


His passion for Food and Beverages has led him to enroll in Petra Christian University Hospitality management program.

He had his internship in Enschede Netherland and earned bachelor double degree from Christelijke hogeschool Netherland.

He started to work in restaurant chains, hotel chains, cafes before leaving to China to learn more about language and cuisines.

He is interested in Chinese fusion and Southeast Asian Cuisine.

Chef Ryan Yeremia Iskandar, S.S.


Undergraduate program English Literature – Petra Christian University (2006)

Specialty: Seafood Dish

Signature skill : Grilling Seafood


Being born in Iskandar family has its perks, good food is always the way to celebrate.

Whether it’s a home cooked meal or professionally catered meal there’s always something to be amazed at, the aroma, the flavor, the memories of taste. The process of creating and recreating meals has always been an intriguing thing for him, it’s where the magic happens.

The way a meal could bring a smile and feeling of happiness to other people is the drive that moves him. He profoundly approves that a meal or a dish should invoke a feeling of warmth and pleasantness within everybody who is enjoying it.

He spent the last 13 years working in a seafood establishment, learning as much as he can about various kinds of seafood. Yet up till today he was still fascinated on how different cooking techniques produce different flavor profiles. The simplest alteration could bring dramatic effects, resulting in a great masterpiece fitting only for royalty or a total waste of time undeserving for consumption.


In addition to sea food, he is also in love with churned products, especially gelato. He never imagined that something he enjoyed as a kid could become one of the reasons he wakes up every morning. Each time he enjoys a cup of gelato is like eating a spoonful of cloud that is bursting with flavor. The enjoyment, excitement always brings a smile to his face. This is why he put all his effort into becoming the best in gelato making. Exploring new ways to use everyday ingredients, creating fantastic new flavors just to put a smile on people’s face.