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OTTIMMO Factory Visit

Learn About Bakpao And Tea

OTTIMMO—One of the program for OTTIMMO International students in November is Factory Visit. Factory Visit is a supporting activity aimed to improve the knowledge and experience of students in food and beverage processing.

As a vocational education and the best of culinary and patisserie art academy in Indonesia, OTTIMMO International giving an opportunity to students to increase their sight through this factory visit.


Heni Adhianata STP. MSc, the lecturer of OTTIMMO said, factory visit were held in SPAT Bakpao Telo and Wonosari Tea Plantation. Students are given an opportunity by SPAT Bakpao Telo to learn the process of making Bapkao, Bakpia, and bread made from sweet potatoes.

“In Wonosari Tea Plantation, students are invited to go to the tea plantation site to identify kinds of tea varieties. And then learn about the process of tea making along with various types of tea,” said Heni.

Students are also learn to evaluate the sensory profile of tea product (white tea, green tea, and black tea). Sisylia Herawaty, one of the students from semester 3 said, she found a new experience during factory visit, especially in tea processing and Bakpao Telo production.

“Now I know about tea processing step by step. Before this factory visit, I only knew that tea made from leaves but not about the processing. Here we can see that the processing of tea not as simple as we think,” said Sisyslia.*

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