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Why Choose The Culinary Arts As A Career?

The culinary arts are an exciting career path to choose if you are passionate about food and have a creative edge, along with good attention to detail. It truly is a dynamic career path. Chefs are often praised and held in high regard and can be financially successful if you are willing to dedicate your efforts to the craft. Refine your skills and culinary education at OTTIMMO Culinary Academy, take out the guesswork; and learn the science behind the food. There are many unknown factors within the culinary business that the professionals at OTTIMMO will teach you with on-the-job training.

Why choose a culinary arts career?

How about the high demand for job opportunities? The food industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. There is a constant influx of employment postings for the tourism industry, on cruise ships, at resorts, theme parks, fine dining, personal chefs, and the list goes on.

Another reason is that it is ever-evolving and constantly changing. That said, you will never get bored because there is always something new happening. Menus are constantly changing due to seasonal ingredients, customer allergies, and the constant learning of new items and skills that will enhance your portfolio.

You can work around the world. The high demand for certified chefs can bring you to your desired vacation locations or favourite cities. Try your success in Paris by cooking French cuisine, or snowboarding in the mountains during your time off in the fancy European ski resorts.

Culinary Art as A Career

Things To Keep in Mind

Before you can reap the benefits of becoming a professional chef, you must realise that there is a lot of hard work involved in climbing this competitive ladder. The hours are long and you will not have much social life because you will likely work evenings, weekends, and holidays. It is possible to get a 9-5 job but it’s not very common unless you work in a corporate setting.

This is a physically demanding job. Sometimes you may be stuck in a small kitchen with no proper ventilation. It can get extremely hot in the kitchen, and you must be able to be on your feet for many hours. Be aware that not everyone can achieve high food standards and work a rigorous, busy shift. That is why being well organised and having a good work ethic are so important in the kitchen.

Start Your Culinary Career

The long-term career opportunities are endless. As you climb toward the top of the ladder, there are bountiful career choices for management and or financial investment into new restaurants. Whether you love to travel or have a business partnership, it is truly a dynamic and exciting career choice. The hype of being a chef artist and having a culinary business is at an all-time high. People watch cooking competition shows, or learn recipes on YouTube, and want to be chefs. Come to OTTIMMO Culinary Academy in Surabaya to begin your training and immerse yourself in the world of culinary arts.

Why Culinary Arts?

Attending a culinary arts program will allow you to learn the skills and knowledge that are required of a chef in the kitchen, which includes not only knowing how to cook but also how to create new dishes, how to keep the kitchen safe, how to run the kitchen efficiently and more.

Studying the culinary arts can help improve your life in many ways, including allowing you to improve the lives of the people you cook for as well. The following are just a few of the reasons why you should study the culinary arts:

1. A variety of career opportunities

There are a broad range of opportunities within the culinary arts fields. Career paths range from members of the preparation staff to head chef. Culinary arts training can provide the skills you need to safely prepare food and present it promptly in a visually pleasing way. With further education, you can even specialize in a specific area of the culinary arts, such as pastries. To become a chef, you could work your way up as you gain more experience. With a culinary arts education, you have the ability to start in professional environments and advance your career further.

2. Hands-on training

A culinary arts program will help prepare you for food safety, professionalism, entrepreneurship, and ethical practices. At OTTIMMO International, you will also get knowledge about food sanitation, cost control, entrepreneurship, wine, coffee, and many others along with learning how to cook in a variety of distinct and creative ways.

3. Try new flavors

An education in culinary school can give you the opportunity to try new flavors and experiment with the creation of dishes. You will be educated in flavor pairings and profiles that will give you the foundation and the potential needed to create culinary masterpieces.

4. Healthy lifestyle

Good culinary arts programs will teach you about nutrition. Many chefs these days have emphasized the importance of creating delicious dishes that are actually healthy in order to promote nutrition to their customers. This is the reason why the restaurants that offer vegan or plant based menus are getting popular.

5. Have the chance to travel the world

One of the advantages of going to a good culinary arts school is the opportunity to travel the world. Traveling the world will provide some enlightening experiences that will help to shape your view of life as well as your thoughts about food. OTTIMMO International will give you a chance to do an internship abroad, like to Europe, Asia, USA and Australia.*

OTTIMMO Factory Visit

Learn About Bakpao And Tea

OTTIMMO—One of the program for OTTIMMO International students in November is Factory Visit. Factory Visit is a supporting activity aimed to improve the knowledge and experience of students in food and beverage processing.

As a vocational education and the best of culinary and patisserie art academy in Indonesia, OTTIMMO International giving an opportunity to students to increase their sight through this factory visit.


Heni Adhianata STP. MSc, the lecturer of OTTIMMO said, factory visit were held in SPAT Bakpao Telo and Wonosari Tea Plantation. Students are given an opportunity by SPAT Bakpao Telo to learn the process of making Bapkao, Bakpia, and bread made from sweet potatoes.

“In Wonosari Tea Plantation, students are invited to go to the tea plantation site to identify kinds of tea varieties. And then learn about the process of tea making along with various types of tea,” said Heni.

Students are also learn to evaluate the sensory profile of tea product (white tea, green tea, and black tea). Sisylia Herawaty, one of the students from semester 3 said, she found a new experience during factory visit, especially in tea processing and Bakpao Telo production.

“Now I know about tea processing step by step. Before this factory visit, I only knew that tea made from leaves but not about the processing. Here we can see that the processing of tea not as simple as we think,” said Sisyslia.*

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Thanksgiving Luncheon 2017

OTTIMMOThanksgiving Luncheon is one of students project held every November. Half of students from Florence Class (semester 1) set in the kitchen brigade prepare welcome drinks, appetizer, main course and dessert, for at least 20 guests.

The guest are primarily members of the Surabaya Expatriate Women Association. In the Thanksgiving Luncheon 2017 on November 17th, the students are serving Fresh Lime Mint Drink as welcome drink. As an appetizer, the guest can choose Deep Fried Beef and Chicken Samosa, or Deep Fried Potato and Peas Samosa.

As a main course, the luncheon team serve Butter Chicken, Grilled Calamari Stuffed with Aromatic Rice, and Baked Potato Stuffed with Sauteed Mushroom and Spinach. The guest can choose one of that menu. And for dessert, there is Four-Fruit Rubicks with Strawberry Puree.

Pinky Kalim, the Thanksgiving Luncheon team coordinator said, “I’m very happy we hold this luncheon successfully. Maybe there are some problem or weakness in this event and we have to evaluate. Thank you to the team and chefs for the hard work.”

Ottimmo International chefs who supervise the event give their evaluation after the event. Director of Ottimmo International Zaldy Iskandar said one of the weakness of the events is team work. The coordination and communication have to be better to make the event like this more special.

What about the guest’s opinion? Joey Dong, one of the guest from Singapore said that the students prepared well to hold Thanksgiving Luncheon. She like some of the dishes, for instance Samosa. “I like samosa and it’s delicious. The main course also good, but it can be improved,” said Joey Dong.

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*International Gourmet Galore 2017

A Night Full Of Food, Love, And Ghost!

OTTIMMO-International Gourmet Galore (IGG) successfully held on November 4th 2017. Not less than 1500 guests came to Ottimmo International to enjoy the event. This year, “Spooktacular” became the theme of this annual food fertival.

The word “Spooktacular” referred to spooky and spectacular, because the Halloween atmosphere in this events. IGG 2017 presented more than 30 savory and sweet street food from many country such as Japan, Thailand, China, India, Mexico, Germany, USA, Hongkong, Korea, Italy, Malaysia, Spain, Greek, Taiwan, France, and Indonesia.

On the stage, we had some performers, DJ Fortino Lintang, Devina Aureel and Ardin Hai, cooking demo, and Nanta Show. We also announced the winner of the High School Cooking Competition by The Director of Ottimmo International Zaldy Iskandar. In the front of the stage, 16 booths sell foods from many country.

The booths managed by the group of students, from the appearance and the food. They tried to make a good business or became best seller. “This event is from student, by students and for student. From this event, they can learn how to sell the product and manage the event,” said Zaldy Iskandar, Director of Ottimmo International.

Not just that, the guests could also enjoy The Haunted House, the house full of ghost that scary enough to get a goosebumps. Some of the students also did a scary make up, came up on the stage, and introduced the cuisine that sold in the booths.

Head of IGG 2017 Committee Celine Laurence said, “We have some problems before holding this event. But we can handle it and I’m very proud of the team. We give our best for this event, though the result still far from perfect. I hope next year IGG will be far better,” said Celine.*

Students Introduced to Project Management through Trial Luncheon

OTTIMMO— OTTIMMO International MasterGourmet Academy freshmen will have two projects, Thanksgiving Luncheon and Easter Luncheon. Those two trial luncheon are always held every year to train the students on project management.

The first semester students will be divided into two groups. The first group will work on the Thanksgiving Luncheon project in November, while the other group will work on the Easter Luncheon project.

The concept adopted for the projects will be similar to the ones organized in the previous years. Guests will be invited to the campus of OTTIMMO International. They will give assessment on how the project is conducted by students, also on the food, service and other aspects.

Before doing those two projects, the students are introduced to the concept of the Thanksgiving dan Easter Luncheon. On October 6 and October 13, the first semester students will be the guests for Thanksgiving and Easter Team Trial Luncheon 2017, and the menu will be prepared by the chefs of Ottimmo.

“In the real Thanksgiving and Easter Luncheon, the students will provide the dishes and serve the guests. We introduce the concept first to them, so llater on they can do their project well,” explained Chef Zaldy Iskandar.

In this Thanksgiving and Easter Team Trial, the students have grasped the concept of the project. “We know that there should be appetizer, main course and dessert. The service is also important. Hopefully we can do it and our project will be a success,” said Billy, one of the freshmen.

In the previous year, Thanksgiving and Easter Luncheon invited Surabaya Expatriate Women Association. This year, the guests who will be invited to taste the students’ dishes are still being discussed.*

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