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Knife skills class by OTTIMMO

Basic Knife Skills for Beginners

I’m sure most of you can cook, and I’m willing to bet that your family really loves the food you make. Every cook needs to start with basic knife skills, long before you get the title of “certified chef.” These are not only tricks of the trade but also for your own safety. Join the…

OTTIMMO Appetizer Class - Making Crab Cake, Samosa, Devilled Egg, and Stuffed Cucumber

The Art of Hot and Cold Appetisers

In the dynamic industry of culinary arts, you must master the preparation of hot and cold appetisers. This important course is very crucial to the diner; in fact, it is an introduction to your menu. Usually, people who order appetisers are very hungry and can be a little impatient. It is even more critical on…

Michelin Guide

What is a Michelin Star and How Do Restaurants Get It?

In the culinary world, obtaining a Michelin Star is a demanding process of dedication and skill. The discussion herein is to educate you about what a Michelin Star is and the criteria in which a restaurant is judged to earn one. Have you ever dreamed of earning a Michelin Star? The professional chefs at OTTIMMO…

2023 business trend

Food Business Trends in 2023

In this ever-changing, dynamic culinary world, the food business trends upcoming for 2023 are here and may surprise you. Keeping up with the trend is important because it will impact your business and you must keep informed of the expectations of your potential customers. Learning how to use these new ingredients and adapting your restaurant’s…