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OTTIMMO International Student’s Make A Healthy Meal Plan for Stunted Children

Photo Credits by SURYA.CO.ID/Ahmad Zaimul Haq

OTTIMMO International Culinary and Patisserie Academy Students created a healthy meal plan with the people of Wiyung – Surabaya, packaged with a cooking demonstration. This activity is an effort to prevent stunting in Surabaya. Heni Adhianata as Head of the OTTIMMO International Culinary Arts Study Program said that this activity was the final assignment of the culinary nutrition course she taught. In this activity, it is hoped that students will be able to create menu information that has nutritional value that can be disseminated to the public. On the other hand, Heni also stated that this cooking demonstration and educational activity was a form of OTTIMMO’s active role in reducing the stunting rate in Surabaya. Even though there is a decrease in monthly figures, it is hoped that the public will receive additional information and insight regarding preparing healthy menus for stunted children.

Students were divided into four groups and they were required to make a meal plan using raw materials based on animal and vegetable protein. Meal plans are not only made based on the composition of the ingredients, but also the nutritional value is taken into account. Apart from that, students use raw materials that are easily found on the market. From these ingredients, we also separate ingredients that can provide high protein, because stunted children need adequate protein intake. It is hoped that this off-campus learning activity can be a positive lesson for students to be more courageous in appearing in public to present the results of their research and demonstrate the menu processing process that has been created. Apart from that, the hope for the community is that they can gain additional information and insight about preparing healthy menus for stunted children, as well as get an overview of the processing and presentation of food menus through the cooking demonstrations provided.