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Ottimmo Graduated 77 Students

Ottimmo – A total of 77 students of Ottimmo International that has finished their studies was graduated on 02 November 2018 at Vasa Hotel Surabaya. They are from batch of Venice (2015)


Graduation of Ottimmo is indeed quite unique because different from another university which the students wearing a toga, here we use a chef jacket and chef hat. When the students were entering the stage they received a pin from the academy director, Mr. Zaldy Iskandar.


The best student award was awarded to Elvia Christina with IPK of 3,6, aside from the academic award there were also some students that received award from non – academic which is Ruth Anchilla, Vincentius JC, and Elaine Andrio


“I Am really proud because Ottimmo can gave birth to a professional chef. With the skills they polish in the campus, I am sure that they are ready to face the challenge in culinary industry. They are all my pride” said Chef Zaldy Iskandar, Ottimmo International Academy Director


While the founder of Ottimmo International, Mr. Danu Rianto hoped this second graduation of Ottimmo will enrich and adding the dynamics of Indonesian culinary academy. According to him, the graduates of Ottimmo is able to compete with another professional chef.


“Even Vocational school from Australia (TAFE) admitting the curriculum in Ottimmo is really complete. It means the quality of Ottimmo is internationally recognized and he hoped that the graduates of Ottimmo can give significant effect to the growth of culinary industry in Indonesia and the world,” said Mr. Danu Rianto


In a different occasion, the best graduates Elvia Christina said her experience to study in Ottimmo will brought her to success in culinary industry. “I have polished a very good skill in Ottimmo. I am sure it will support me in the culinary business,” said Elvia


In the graduation it is also announced the winner of culinary challenge, which is the competition that was joined by all the Ottimmo students when they are still active as a student. The winner of culinary challenge from the batch Venice is Digna Thea and she received the prize of Rp. 44.000.000.*