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International Gourmet Galore (IGG) 2018

Flavoria, The Food Euphoria

OTTIMMO International have succeed helding International Gourmet Galore (IGG) 2018. Was held on 30 September 2018, IGG which the committee were all students, this time picking the theme was Flavoria, a bazaar with vintage atmosphere.

IGG which an annual event was held in OTTIMMO campus were visited by almost 2000 people. The main course is a food bazaar that serve variance of food from 16 countries such as China, French, England, United States, India, Germany, and more.

The decoration makes the ambience really nice. There were games that we often found in carnival, and also clown attraction and tarot. The head of committee Andrew Levinson said the theme of carnival was selected because it is matched with bazaar that serve various kind of food.

“Every year IGG choose a unique concept. For this year we choose Flavoria because the vintage carnival have a unique ambience inside, from the colorful decoration also interesting games,” said Andrew.

Different from the previous years which the carnival was held in Saturday night, IGG 2018 was held in Sunday night. However, this matter was not reduce the interest of the people. The area was full with crowd of the people.

Aside than bazaar and carnival type entertainments, there were also some performance which is Soul5ive band, Nanta, also performance band and solo vocal from the OTTIMMO student. The committee also invite selebgram Sylvie Cendana and Cindy Cendana as the MC.

IGG 2018 also give an award to the best booth in the bazaar. For the best decoration was wined by Macherie booth, best seller is De Truffle, while best mascot is Xingbao. Also there were announcement of High School Cooking Competition (HSCC), with the first winner is SMK Mater Amabilis.*