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Ottimmo Close Relationship With TAFE

OTTIMMO – OTTIMMO International and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Queensland, Australia, are in close relationship in 2018. After beginning the inaugural visit in November 2017, representatives from Australia’s largest vocational education institution, TAFE have three times visited Ottimmo Campus at Telaga Golf TC 4 No 2-3, Citraland, Surabaya.

On the first occasion, TAFE sent two delegates on November 1st, 2017, Caroline Lewis, Senior International Engagement Officer of TAFE Queensland, and Brent Kinnane, General Manager of TAFE Queensland. The second visit was Jason Ford, Leading Vocational Teacher Hospitality of Queensland TAFE.

As a chef, Jason Ford was not only visiting, but stayed for a week in Surabaya to learn the education system at OTTIMMO. Chef Jason also took his time to give cooking demo to OTTIMMO’s students in culinary arts kitchen and baking pastry arts kitchen.

“There is no doubt that OTTIMMO is in the process of creating professionals in the field of culinary in the future. It has been an honor to see how the chefs at OTTIMMO teach and inspire the students, I can not wait for the opportunity to come to this campus again.”, said Jason Ford.

Upon the arrival of Jason, TAFE still sent their representative, Janelle Chapman, Executive Director of TAFE Queensland on May 11th. As the relationship with TAFE Queensland is coming closer, OTTIMMO is planning to hold a return visit to Australia in early July 2018.

“TAFE is one of the biggest institution in Australia, therefore I am sure will get a lot of inputs that can be applied in OTTIMMO,” said Zaldy Iskandar, Academy Director of OTTIMMO.

Zaldy Iskandar plans to bring some of OTTIMMO’s students to look directly at the situation in TAFE. He hopes the students who leave for Australia will gain new experiences, especially to add insight in the culinary field.*