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Culinary Arts Challenge

Between Skill, Mental and Luck

– Culinary Arts Challenge is an annual event devoted to second-graders or Baking-Pastry Arts. Students who take part will be pitted his ability in the field of culinary, both practical skills in the kitchen and theory.

Within this year, Culinary Arts Challenge has brought up three finalists; Azizi Ilsa, Cindy Cenora and Cindy Angela. In order to reach the final stage, three of them have to beat dozens of other participants in each previous round.

The uniqueness of this challenge is that the winner is not announced directly after the end of the competition. But the three finalists who reached the final round must wait for the announcement of the winner at their graduation later. This is what makes the finalists become more curious.

Culinary Arts Challenge held several stages and each stage participants with the lowest points who must be eliminated. Not only skill and mental, luck is also become a very decisive factor. For example; in this competition, Azizi got a Golden Ticket so he could go directly to the final round.

He admits that the Golden Ticket is crucial to his journey to the final phase. “Golden Ticket at least makes it easier for me, because I can skip one phase and go straight to the final. But the Golden Ticket does not apply in the challenges made in groups, “said Azizi.

Yes, the Culinary Arts Challenge not only an individually competition of culinary skills but in certain phases it was also using group system. All of the members of the groups with the lowest points was eliminated automatically eliminated.

There were even a phase that required the contestant to choose a partner from outside the Culinary Arts Challenge participant, even from the junior level. “Choosing a partner is not an easy decision because I have to understand with his ability. Since they are at junior level, I have to find the reference of their ability before choosing, “said Cindy Cenora.

Culinary Arts Challenge is very tempting event for students based on the prizes offered. The winner of this 2018 challenge will get prizes worth almost IDR 50 million. Isn’t Fantastic? *