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The type and uses of whisk

Whisk come in all shapes and size, so how do you know which whisk is right for your kitchen? Learn about the different types of whisk and see which one are best for cooking your favorite meals:

  • Balloon Whisk :

This is one of the most popular types of whisks. The “balloon” is made from a series of flexible wires (usually eight or more) which join at an end which is attached to a handle. Balloon whisks come in a number of sizes, from teeny tiny to almost cartoonishly large.

Suggested uses: whisking butters, xustards, sauce and eggs. Mixing dry ingredients together

  • French Whisk

This is the other most famous whisk in the world of kitchen supplies. Like its balloon whisk brother, the French whisk is composed of a series of overlapping flexible wires which join together at a handle. Its shape is different than a balloon whisk, however: it is longer and narrower.

Suggested uses: salad dressing, whipping air into eggs, sauce

  • Flat Whisk

Also commonly called a roux whisk. Visually, it looks like a balloon or French whisk that has been flattened–it has the signature loops that you’d expect in a whisk, but fewer, and they lie flat. This orientation makes it uniquely suited to stirring in shallow pans such skillets.

Suggested uses: whisking sauce (like roux or gravy), custard, frequebt stirring

  • Ball Whisk

There are no loops on this unique whisk, which looks more like a retro lighting fixture than a kitchen tool. Instead, it consists of a series of individual wires which starburst out from a handle and each have a ball bearing on the end. The lack of loops makes it easier to clean, and proponents of this type of whisk claim it allows for quicker and better aeration of the substance being whisked.

Suggested Uses : whisking dry or wet ingredients in measuring cups, stirring scramble eggs in the pan

  • Spiral Whisk

This unique-looking whisk consists of a rounded loop, around which another wire is coiled around. The head is slightly angled. Since the head bends to fit the space it is inserted into, this type of coil whisk will constantly make contact with the pan or bowl, which helps to ensure even mixing while preventing scorching.

Suggest Uses : This whisk is well-suited for mixing sauces (from mother sauces to pan sauces and variations), vinaigrettes, or for incorporating liquid into a roux while reducing any possible lumps.