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Monitoring and Evaluation of the Strategic Tourism Areas

OTTIMMO International lecturers and chefs are trusted by Dinas Pariwisata dan Kebudayaan Kabupaten Pasuruan to become speakers for workshops on processing, packaging and marketing of souvenir products from potatoes on Tuesday, February 23 nd 2021 in Baledono village, Tosari sub-district, Pasuruan regency. This event is entitled Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of Management of Strategic Tourism Areas in Pasuruan Regencies/Cities,Pasuruan District Pokdarwis, Regional Road Grant Program and organized by Dinas Pariwisata dan Kebudayaan Kabupaten Pasuruan.

Workshop participants are the tourism awareness group (POKDARWIS) of Pasuruan district, totaling 30 people. The abundant agricultural product in Tosari is Potatoes. However, potatoes are only sold as raw material and have not been developed into processed products that have high economic value. Potato processing training focuses on manufacturing of steamed potato brownies, potato galantin and potato ronde.

Through product packaging training, participants can find out which packaging is safe for food and can extend the shelf life of food. Souvenir product marketing training provides knowledge on various ways and strategies to increase sales of souvenir products. This activity was held so that the pokdarwis of Pasuruan Regency could raise the potential of local natural resources to become a souvenir icon in Tosari, Pasuruan Regency.

Participants participated in the activity enthusiastically and there were many questions from participants to speakers such as the criteria for good flour in making brownies, oxygen absorbers in packaging, preservatives allowed by BPOM, how to steam brownies to create a good texture and legal aspects of food products