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The Basic of Baking and Pastry

OTTIMMO – The beginning of August 2018 is a new experience of the Class of Florence. At least 96 students start their study in the baking and pastry class. In the first week they were taught the basic of baking and pastry.


The students were divided into two groups which is Fondant and Marzipan. Before starting the practical in the kitchen, they were introduced to the tools that are going to be used later on.


After knowing all of the tools that they are going to use, the students were taught the techniques to make a simple bread. The first lesson is to make Baguettes, a bread from French, the texture of this bread is hard from the outside but soft on the inside.


Along with the vision of Ottimmo to give a lesson from the basic, the process of making Baguettes also using a conventional method. One of it is slamming the dough so the dough can expand and have a good texture.


“It seems in the baking pastry is a little bit hard because we have to exert extra energy to slam the dough, waiting for the proofing and a long time to bake the bread.  But it is also challenging and a new experience for me,” said Febrina Albionita, student of Fondant group.


In the first week, the students will be taught all bout bread, aside than Baguettes there are also Grissini a famous bread from Italy and also Pretzel a bread from Germany, and also another famous bread from Europe that will be taught later on to the students.


Baking and pastry is different and need extra careful compared to culinary arts. In culinary arts the time duration is shorter and the food can be added by extra seasoning if we thought it is still lacking, but in baking and pastry if one phase is failed it can make another phase to be failed.*