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New Student Orientation 2018

Introduction To Campus Environments And Rules and Regulations


OTTIMMO – the new students of OT starting their new academic study in Monday, July 31 2018. As an introduction program, 104 students start their orientation program.


For four days, the students were introduced to new rules and also the new environments, aside than doing the tour in the campus area, they were also introduced to the campus’s staff, teacher, and the chefs. Then the most important things which is the rules they need to obey in the campus area.


“To be a good chef, it is really important to be discipline and obeying the rules, regardless in the kitchen or outside of the kitchen. That’s what will build the character of a chef. For this year’s batch I will give them a title The Class of Verona,” said Zaldy Iskandar, The Director of Ottimmo International.


Like the previous year’s tradition, giving the students batch a title taking a name from the city in Italy. Based on the sequence there are Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples, Florence, and now Verona. With the title Verona, chef Zaldy hoped that this year Ottimmo will grow even more.


“We have make a cooperation with TAFE Queensland, Australia, and I hoped this year there will be more cooperation with another institution. For that matters, Ottimmo will make some better changes this year,” said Zaldy.


There are certain activities that were conducted in this year’s orientation which is motivational speaking, culinary challenge, also some games that focused on teamwork. “The point is we wanted to give a provision to the new students in order to make them adapt easily to the new environment of the campus,” said the Head of Orientation Program, Illy Oka.


Illy also said the orientation program in Ottimmo was designed as interesting as possible for the new students. “There are no bullying either in verbal or physical things, we wanted to make them feel comfort to study in Ottimmo, so that they can learn well in the future,” said Illy.*