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SMA Petra 1 Comes Out on Top in the Competition

OTTIMMO—Contestants from SMA Petra 1 dominated the second session of Ottimmo International Cooking Competition 2017 on Saturday, April 8, 2017. Two teams from the school have won the first and the second place of the cooking competition.

The team at the First Place from SMA Petra 1, winning Rp 10 million prize money were   Alvaro, Timothy and Nicholas while at the Second Place, there were Airine, Zaneta and Zelena. They won Rp 7.5 million prize money.

The third place winner was a team of Deanna, Magdalena and Zarina from SMA Petra 2. They got Rp 5 million prize money from the competition.  There were also Fourth place winning Rp4 million, from SMA Santa Maria (Felicia, Clifford and Nicholas), and SMA Gloria 2 (Jevon, Sherina and Vanessa) as the Fifth place winner.

This Cooking Competition 2017 held in Ottimmo International was the second session out of four sessions and the total prize money is Rp91 million. The participants failed in the second sessions can still participate for the third session which will be held in May 2017.

For the winners, they can participate again next year. “The results were quite satisfying, but there are still important aspects the participants need to pay more attention. One of them is cleanliness, it is very important in cooking,” explained Chef Zaldy Iskandar, Head of the Judges in this Cooking Competition.

Chef Zaldy added, “Some participants excel in savor and performance, but they cannot be the winner as they lack cleanliness. It is a good experience for all participants, that there are many aspects they need to consider as they cook.”

The judges observed some aspects from the competition, cleanliness, time management, choice of ingredients, creativity, plate presentation and savor.  Some participants could not finish the dish in 90 minutes, so they did not have time to clean their stations.

Even though the ingredients had been decided during technical meeting a week before, they participants still had difficulties in cooking their dishes in Ottimmo International’s kitchen. “We had rehearsed before. We thought that lamb would still smell when we cook it. But fortunately it didn’t happen as we know the trick,” said Sherina from SMA Gloria 2.(kukuh setyawan)