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EASTER LUNCHEON: Better Making Mistakes Now Than Later

OTTIMMO—Besides having lessons in the kitchen, students of OTTIMMO International are also assigned to projects training their skills to organize events. One of the events was Easter Luncheon which was held on Friday, April 7, in the campus of OTTIMMO International.

As many as 44 students divided into four groups, serving dishes for 22 expatriates specially invited for the event. Those four group have their own tasks, preparing appetizers, main course, desserts, service and beverages.

The dishes served were Cup of Savory (Appetizer), Chicken Scotch Egg, Rice Beef Burger, Tortilla Statue (Main Course), Cheese Cake (Dessert) while for the beverages, the guest can choose between Mint Paradise, coffee or tea.

Overall, this event ran well but some things were in need of improvements. “This Easter Luncheon is to train the students to organize an event well. They are expected to perform with great teamwork to achieve successful event,” stated Chef Zaldy Iskandar, Director of OTTIMMO International.

A project like Easter Luncheon, according to Chef Zaldy, will also affect the students final marks later, so this kind of event demands excellent planning and execution. “After the event, we reviewed their weaknesses and strengths,” said Chef Zaldy.

Tommy Terisno, one of the students who took part in Easter Luncheon admitted that his team still makes some mistakes in that event. “It’s better for us to make mistakes now than later in the real events. We learned a lot from this and hopefully from this event we understand the importance of detailed preparation,” said Tommy.

Meanwhile, Isabel Gomes, one of the guests, said that she had a great time involved in the event. She really enjoyed the meal served by Ottimmo’s students. “I really like cup of savory,” he stated. Overall, she enjoyed the food. “But I think the cup of savory could use a little sourness,” she said.