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Introduction to Spices for Students

OTTIMMO— Next week lessons in the kitchen of Ottimmo International are still about Asian Culinary. There are some dishes they need to learn to cook for the whole week, Indian, Indonesian and Malaysian food.


Early next week, three Indian dishes will be presented to them, Chapati, Chicken Rice Pilaf and Cikpea-Veggie Curry. Special for Chapati and Veggie Curry, they are usually served together, as bread and curry.


To cook Indian food, according to Chef Arya, one of the instructors of Ottimmo International, the students should pay more attention to the use of spices and the curry concentration. Both aspects should be perfect to serve perfect Indian food.


“Sometimes, the curry is too watery or too thick. It is not good as it should be perfect. The use of spices should also be carefully managed as Indian and other Asian food is rich in spices,” said Chef Arya.


During the midweek, Indonesian and Malaysian food will be practiced. For the Indonesian food, Singgang Roasted Chicken is chosen and the Malaysian food is about Penang Asam Laksa.


Why chose Singgang Roasted Chicken? “We intentionally present unpopular dish, so the students can expand their knowledge on Indonesian food. If we presented Rendang or Soto, it would have been too common,” said Chef Arya. (kukuh setyawan)