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Learning Kitchen Hygiene Standards Through Field Trip

Hygiene and sanitation are two things that are closely related to each other. Hygiene is a health effort by maintaining and protecting the cleanliness of the subject, such as washing hands with clean water and soap to protect hand hygiene, washing dishes to keep the plates clean, throwing away damaged parts of food to protect the integrity of the food as a whole. Meanwhile, sanitation is a health effort by maintaining and protecting the environmental cleanliness of the subject, for example providing clean water for washing hands or providing rubbish bins to collect rubbish. Sanitation also has several other goals, namely improving, maintaining and restoring human health, maximizing production efficiency and producing products that are healthy and safe from various influences that can cause disease in humans.

Likewise, food must be clean and processed properly. In food management, there are 6 principles that must be considered, namely the condition of food ingredients, how to store food ingredients, the processing process, how to transport cooked food, how to store cooked food and how to serve cooked food. Food and drink equipment that can be used, such as plates, glasses, bowls, spoons or forks, must also be clean. Several things that must be paid attention to are that the shape of the equipment is intact, not damaged, deformed, cracked or has uneven grooves. Clean equipment is prohibited from being held in places where food or drink is placed or placed in the mouth because microbial contamination will occur through the fingers. Apart from that, equipment that is cracked, chipped or broken apart from causing accidents (injuring hands) is also a source of dirt collection because it will not be washed properly and we are not allowed to reuse equipment that is designed for single use only.

Seeing the importance of this, the OTTIMMO International Culinary and Patisserie Academy through food hygiene and sanitation courses conducted industrial visits for first year students. The aim of this activity is so that students can understand the standards for the process of storing and making food in a clean manner in accordance with five-star hotel standards. The activity which will take place on November 29 2023 will take place at the FairField By Marriott hotel. Around 61 students followed and listened to explanations from professional chefs at the hotel, starting from cleanliness standards in the kitchen, how to store food, ideal temperatures for food storage areas, restaurant rooms, to ballroom capacity standards at events. In this course, each student is required to make a report explaining what they learned during their field trip.

Our hope is that after students take the field trip class, they will be able to understand better and provide more knowledge about hygiene standards in the kitchen and how to maintain clean food, because everything will return to health for everyone who consumes it. Health is something that the body absolutely needs. Without health, humans cannot move and work. When you are sick, you really feel the importance of health for a person. So, let’s work together to maintain health, starting from the smallest things, namely paying attention to the cleanliness of the food and drinks we consume every day.