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Culinary Challenge Enters Final Phase

OTTIMMO–Ottimmo International Culinary Challenge is reaching its final phase after a week ago the eighth phase was completed. At the moment, there are only six students remaining in the contest among fourth semester students and they will have a showdown this week.


The remaining students in Culinary Challenge are Alvin Liady, Antonio Sanjaya, Widodo Thungadi, Digna Thea, Nasya Gunawan and Elvia Christina. The three students eliminated last week were Farid Azhari, Helmy P and Jimmy Sutadji.


Last week, those nine students were divided into three groups, India, the USA and Japan. They were asked to cook for 180 people, including all students and chefs in Ottimmo International. Team Japan and India got the highest scores.


For this week, the Culinary Challenge will have another selection and determine the best three students. The selection format is still classified. “This week, Culinary Challenge will eliminate three more students. From the six students, there will be three left for the final,” explained Chef Zaldy Iskandar, Director of Ottimmo International.


“The format and system of the selection is still classified. The point is, Culinary Challenge always present new challenges in each phase and it will be a surprise for them. Like the previous showdown, the judging is based on many aspects, not only for the palate,” said Chef Zaldy.


Meanwhile, one of the participants of Culinary Challenge Antonio Sanjaya said that he was ready for the next challenges. After succeeding in the eighth phase last week, he did not have any intention to stop at the big six. His target is qualifying for the final.


“I am ready for the next Culinary Challenge and I am optimistic to qualify for the final. There’s no special preparation, but I am ready for the competition. My target is the final as I have worked really hard to reach this point,” said Antonio Sanjaya. (*)