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Cooking is Always Useful Anytime

OTTIMMO– In Ottimmo International, there are a lot if students who have other routines besides learning at campus. They also do their activities based on their talents and potentials. One of the students with great achievements outside campus is Maria Yolanda Wenur.


The student of Baking & Pastry Class, who will finish her fourth semester, is a model. Her two professions have no connections but they can work at the same time. Yolanda has been a model for two years.


It is not difficult to notice Yolanda in Ottimmo campus. The second child of two siblings has a special trait as a model. She is beautiful and dazzling. She is slim and quite tall with reddish hair. It shows that she has great concern for her appearance.


“Before I became a model, I had this wish to learn culinary arts. I have been to some academies in Surabaya and I ended up here in Ottimmo International as it is suitable for me with the best facilities. After I got admitted here, then I tried to be a model,” Yolanda explained.


The girl born in Surabaya in 1996 was at first difficult to manage her schedules as a model and as a student. But later on, she finally found the rhythm and she could do both routines well even though sometimes she had to make sacrifices.


Learning at Ottimmo International for four semesters has made a good impression for her as she thinks that her studies was interesting. She thinks learning at culinary campus is really fun as she doesn not have to learn from textbooks all the time. Yolanda believes her potential is not in academic skill.


“I am not the kind of person who can stand with textbooka. So learning here is suitable for me as there are many practical work and it is really fun. Learning lots of menus, everything about cooking, with great chefs and nice friends. I have many good impressions here,” she continued.


So, which one does she choose, being a model or a chef? Gor now, she will focus on her modelling career while finishing her studies at Ottimmo International. And in the future, she wants to improve her cooking skill especially on Pastry.


“Being a model won’t last forever, there will be more younger models. That’s why I learn to cook so when I am no longer in modelling business I can start my own. Cooking skill will always be useful anytime,” Yolanda said.


She fell in love to Pastry and she wanted to learn more about it. She may learn more about it abroad. “The point is, I want to have my own pastry business and I must learn more, improve my knowledge and skills, no matter what,” she stated. *