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Cleanliness is Absolute

OTTIMMO— When we talk about cooking, the commoners will naturally think of the taste and the presentation. They are indeed the simplest parameters to judge a dish. However, there are some other parameters which are more important.


One of the important aspects which is prioritized in Ottimmo International, besides the taste and the presentation, is cleanliness. This is an essential factor which can be deemed to be equal with the two other aspects. This cleanliness aspect is always reflected in any activities in Ottimmo campus.


During practical lessons in the kitchen, the students do not only come and cook. They are obliged to clean up their stations and utensils. In short, the kitchen is clean as they arrive, it must be clean as they leave.


After the lessons, students wash their own utensils in the prepared spot. The tables, stoves, and drawers must be clean. This kind of responsibility is always instilled to the freshmen or the senior students.


“No matter how delicious the dish is, how beautiful the plating is, all of them are meaningless if the cleanliness is disregarded,” stated Chef Zaldy Iskandar, Director of  Ottimmo International.


Not only the utensils and the stations, the ingredients must also be clean and hygienic. Ottimmo has the finest facility to keep the ingredients clean and the students are used to that condition.


“In Ottimmo International, students are accustomed to be responsible for the cleanliness. Hopefully, later on, they will bring this sense of responsibility in their work or their business. Culinary business can’t be separated from cleanliness and hygiene,” added Chef Zaldy.


Cleanliness is not only instilled to the students. In any events held by Ottimmo International such as Cooking Competition for senior high school students, cleanliness is at the top of the judging aspects.