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Cooking Competition for Senior High School

OTTIMMOOttimmo International Martergourmet Academyis organizing a competition to show senior high school students’ skills in the kitchen. This Saturday, April 8, there will be 12 schools taking parts in Ottimmo International Cooking Competition.

Cooking Competition is the second session out of four sessions to be held from March to June. Each session is limited to 12 participating schools so the competition in Ottimmo International’s kitchen can be optimal as it is adjusted with the kitchen capacity.

Most of the participating senior high schools are from Surabaya and they send a group of three students. They will be challenged to cook with ingredients determined by drawing during the technical meeting on Saturday, April 1.

“Each group will cook with ingredients containing protein and carbohydrate. They are free to choose their ingredients and prepare them into any dishes they want. It is limited only in 90 minutes,” said Theresia Christina, Ottimmo International marketing staff as well as the committee of Cooking Competition.

Tere, how she is addressed, added that the vegetables are also prepared for the participants to complement their dishes. They are free to bring their own ingredients as long as they are not cooked or prepared yet.

“In the protein category, chicken, shrimps, beef, dory, lamb and eels are prepared while for the carbohydrate, potatoes, rice, cassava, corn, and spaghetti are prepared. The participants have drawn their choices, for instance SMA Petra 1 got rice and eels,” she explained.

The participants already know what they are going to cook, but there will be a surprise rule during the competition. It will be a tough challenge for the participants.

The judging will be based on some aspects, taste, plating, creativity, time management, ingredients and cleanliness. “So the participants won’t only cook and then it’s finished. They are expected to clean their cooking stations,” added Tere. (kukuh setyawan)