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Introduction to Asian Culinary Arts

OTTIMMO—After four weeks learning to cook European dishes, students of Ottimmo International Mastergourmet Academy presented with a different challenge. As of this week, they are introduced with Asian dishes which are very different from the European ones, either from how they are prepared or served.

The first dishes presented to the second semester students are Vietnamese and Thai’s, Vietnamese Spring Rolls-Cha Gio and Chicken Wrapped in Pandan Leaves. Both selected as they are of special menu in each country.

According to Chef Chef Jerry, one of the instructors in Ottimmo International’s kitchen, there are two important things the students need to be more careful. First, the technique used to tie the pandan leaves so they will work perfectly as a wrap.

This technique of tying leaves determines the outlook of the chicken during frying or when it is served. Second, how to carefully roll the rice paper to make Spring Rolls.  Some water should be applied as they the rice paper is quite sticky.

“I saw that the students can learn quickly on how to roll and tie the leaves. With only a lesson, they can already do it well. The kitchen class today is very satisfactory,” said Chef Jerry.

After the Vietnamese and Thai dishes, this midweek the students will learn to cook Korean dish, followed with Chinese, Indonesian and other countries with their own uniqueness and challenges.