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To Improve Organization, CASO Holds Training Centre

OTTIMMO–Culinary Art Student Organisation (CASO) of Ottimmo International Culinary and Pattisserie School has established its new management for 2017. A collaboration of third and first semester students will run CASO who has targeted some changes.


Before starting their works, the members of CASO gathered in a Training Camp held in Khalwat Bethlehem, Wagir of Malang. The 2017 Training Camp was held for three days from Friday, September 8 to Sunday, September 10.

During the camp, students learned about leadership, teamwork, character building, problem solving, also knowledge on organizational management. There were various activities from a discussion, games to outdoor activities.


“We expect this 2017 CASO to be tougher in doing their works. They should know each other better through the character building and teamwork training so they can do their jobs better,” stated Yasin Karyono, Student Affairs officer Ottimmo International.

CASO or Student Executive Board (BEM) members’ training camp was welcomed well by the Head of 2017 CASO, Marisa Nikita. She believed that this kind of training can expand the members’ knowledge so their targets can be achieved.


“It is indeed a really good and different activity from the previous one. I can see them enjoying themselves even though they have to be more discipline since there strict rules