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Students with Special Needs? Why Not

OTTIMMO — Ottimmo International has a commitment to become an open college for anyone. The best culinary academy in Indonesia students come from various backgrounds and areas.

Now Ottimmo is more open with the acceptance of students with special needs, in accordance with the mandate of Pendidikan Tinggi (Dikti). Starting in the academic year 2019-2020 there are already some students with special needs who are studying by taking Diploma 3.

In accordance with Government Law number 20 of 2003 concerning the National Education System, inclusive education for persons with special needs must be applied in university. This system adopts an international education system, that is, there is no difference for people with disabilities.

Ottimmo International Director Zaldy Iskandar said, Ottimmo is very open to anyone from anywhere, including students with special needs. The instructors at Ottimmo, both chefs and lecturers, and also the staffs, will do their best to provide assistance to them.

“The modern education system no longer distinguishes students with special needs. They are also entitled to vocational education, including Ottimmo International culinary academy. “However, before they enrol, we need to see whether the students with special needs are able to accept lecture material, especially in the kitchen,” explained Zaldy Iskandar.

Zaldy admitted, the challenge of accepting students with special needs was clearly not light, especially Ottimmo is a campus with more practical lecture material. But he was very optimistic that the chefs and teachers could provide assistance very well.

“During the last accreditation visitation by Dikti, it was also emphasized that Ottimmo be open to students with special needs. We are happy because starting in the academic year 2019-2020 there are already students with special needs who study at Ottimmo. Of course I hope they will succeed in the culinary field,” he said.*