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Share the Joyful with the Orphans

This is the second time that the OTTIMMO International Culinary and Patissery Academy celebrated its anniversary during the Covid 19 pandemic. Last year we celebrate our Dies Natalis with held our a charity by distributing groceries and some toiletries to several orphanages without doing any activities in the orphanage, but this year we made something different. In collaboration with the SEBUNG (Sego Bungkus) social community we celebrated our anniversary more meaningfully and delightful. On May 02, 2021 at 03.00 PM in the afternoon, we held an iftar activity together at the Aisyahtong Maryam orphanage on Jl. South Perilis No. 29 Surabaya. In this event we also gave workshop how to making chocolate truffle for the orphanage children. Truffle chocolate is a type of snack made from finely crushed biscuits, then given a mixture of peanut butter and a little sweetened condensed milk, after all the ingredients are mixed, then stir until the dough is set. After all the dough is already shaped, then dip it in melted chocolate, then give it a decoration according to taste.

This activity was not only attended by the orphanage children, but also by several social activists who became one of the donors. Everyone who attended the event really enjoyed the activity of making chocolate truffles. This activity spent about 2 hours, until the time of breaking the fast will arrive, then all activities are stopped for the participants who are present to break the fast first, then continue with maghrib prayer, and close with a meal together. OTTIMMO International Culinary and Patiseri Academy presented around 200 meal boxes and 200 bottles of drinks as iftar dishes for participants who were present at that time and distributed to people in need on the street.

Thus the celebration of the OTTIMMO International Anniversary of the Culinary and Patisseries Academy, hopefully this year we can give more our best.