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Perceive the cases of malnutrition and children not getting proper education makes us quite concerned, these two things are important things. After all, children are the next generation of this nation, so as much as possible they should get proper education and nutrition. It is very different with the cildren whome growth in a big city, children from the Asmat tribe can still be said to live in minimal facilities. By this case we take the initial to do something that can help them.

This beverage class is a means for Academy Culinary And Pastiseri OTTIMMO International to raise funds for children in the Asmat tribe who need help. By cooperating with Wahana Visi as a social foundation where the focus is to help children in need, we have the thought of creating a program where this program can benefit several parties, namely webinar participants who get knowledge about making drinks from OTTIIMO International, and they also donate part of their registration fee to donate children in the Asmat tribe. Consisting of 25 participants, the webinar beverage class will be held on May 29, 2021 at 11.00 AM through their respective zoom accounts. In the beverage webinar, chef Jerry as the speaker shared his knowledge about making Pletok beer and galaxy lemonade. Not only that, he also told the history of the origin of Pletok beer and what is Galaxy Lemonade. The event lasted for 1.5 hours and ended with a question and answer session. Many participants asked to OTTIMMO International to recreate the beverage class with the theme of mocktail cocktails.