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*OTTIMMO 3rd Graduation

Modern Chefs Aren’t Just Good at Cooking

OTTIMMO-Facing the increasingly rapid development of the culinary world, the demand for the chef profession also continues to increase. Even the chef profession is developing. Now it’s not just a cook, but chefs also have the ability to do business.

This is the concern of the OTTIMMO International Culinary and Patiseri School which continues to produce chefs with complete abilities. In accordance with the curriculum applied at OTTIMMO, chefs are designed not only to dwell in the kitchen to make culinary or pastry products.

“Professional chefs are increasingly needed in the culinary world, given the increasingly rapid development of culinary in Indonesia. I hope OTTIMMO will answer the need for the chef profession by continuing to produce professional chefs who can raise Indonesian cuisine, “said Priyantono Rudito, Expert Staff to the Minister of Tourism and Director of Telkom, in a scientific speech at the graduation ceremony.

Furthermore, they also have entrepreneurial skills, to understand food nutrition. All of that is learned while students are studying. “Today we again release chefs who have complete abilities, start cooking, entrepreneurs, and other skills,” explained Zaldy Iskandar, Director of OTTIMMO International, ahead of the graduation of the three campuses in the Citraland region.

The 3rd graduation of OTTIMMO was held at Bumi Surabaya Hotel, Thursday (11/21), by removing 65 graduates. Zaldy explained further, the graduates had taken Diploma-3 education for three years, as well as internship for six months in five-star hotels and famous restaurants.

“With theory and practice during college, plus internships in the best places, I am optimistic that the graduates can answer the culinary world needs of modern and professional chefs. I hope they will continue to learn even though they have left campus, “said Zaldy, a chef who had studied in the USA and Switzerland.

He said, the real world will be the best test for chefs, both those who are in the chef profession or run entrepreneurs. All have indeed been widely studied during college, but there will still be challenges in the real world.

In the graduation with the theme “Professional Chef for Wonderful Indonesia”, the graduated graduate was Celine Nicola with a GPA of 3.69. There was also an award for outstanding students from non-academic aspects that Tommy Terisno received.*