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SURABAYA, 24 December 2021 – Tuberculosis (TBC) is still one of the main health problems in Indonesia. Based on the Global Tuberculosis Report 2020,  it is estimated that there are 24,000 cases of Drug Resistant TB (TBC RO) in Indonesia. Of this number, based on routine data from the National Tuberculosis Control Program, in 2019 only 11,463 cases of TB RO were found, or there was a gap of 52.5% from the estimated existing cases. Of the 11,463 cases, it is only 5,531 or 48.3% of patients had started treatment, with the success rates ranging from 49-51% and dropout rates from 24-26% per year.

Data from the Ministry of Health Republic Indonesia for 2020 shows that East Java Province occupies the second highest province with TB cases (after West Java) and COVID-19 (after DKI Jakarta) in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the City of Surabaya is the highest contributor to tuberculosis and COVID-19 cases in East Java Province. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government imposed Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) in areas with a high risk of transmission, so that this would have a direct impact on the service process for treating tuberculosis patients, especially drug-resistant tuberculosis.

Seeing this situation, OTTIMMO International Culinary and Patisserie Academy in the City of Surabaya in collaboration with the Surabaya City Health Office and the organization of former RO TB patients (Perkumpulan REKAT Surabaya) provided healthy food assistance for TB RO patients and their families of TB RO patients who were undergoing treatment at the RSUD dr. Soetomo Surabaya.

“Today OTTIMMO International fulfills our commitment to be able to eradicate the TB infectious disease in the city of Surabaya through the distribution of healthy food for TB patients at the infectious disease clinic of RSUD dr. Soetomo. Hopefully the patients will be pleased with what we serve,” said Baresa Margi, as a  representative from OTTIMMO International, at the Delivery of Food Aid for TB RO Patients in Surabaya.

In an effort to accelerate TB elimination in the city of Surabaya, the Surabaya City Health Office with support from the KNCV Indonesia Foundation and USAID through the Mandiri-TB program formed a TB elimination acceleration team involving the government, private sector, community, academics/professional organizations, and the media in the city of Surabaya. This team was formed as an implementation of Presidential Regulation Number 67 of 2021 concerning TB Control as well as a coordination forum with multi-sectors to unite various resources in an effort to achieve the 2030 TB elimination target.

OTTIMMO International is a member of the TB elimination acceleration team in the city of Surabaya in the private sector. The food assistance provided is healthy snacks and healthy soups ready to eat. This support is a form of commitment to OTTIMMO International’s involvement in providing motivation and support to TB RO patients who are undergoing treatment to complete treatment until they recover.

OTTIMMO Internasional colaboration with Perkumpulan Rekat Surabaya in distributing this food aid for the patients assisted by Rekat. A total of 100 TB RO patients received food assistance. Baresa Margi in this event hopes that this support can help the nutritional needs of TB RO patients in Surabaya City who are undergoing treatment.

About Surabaya Rekat Association

Perkumpulan Rekat Surabaya is a legal entity organization with the Decree of KEMENKUMHAM NO.AHU.0004796.AH.01.07 of 2015, which was initiated by patients and survivors of TB RO in the city of Surabaya. Perkumpulan Rekat Surabaya has a vision of a TB-free Indonesia and a mission to reduce the rate of TB RO in Indonesia, eliminate stigma and discrimination in TB RO patients and TB patients in general. One of the efforts that has been made by Rekat to realize its vision and mission is to be involved in assisting TB RO patients in the city of Surabaya since 2014. Currently, Rekat has 19 patient assistants and has assisted around 100 patients.