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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is conceivable for someone to live having only one extra virgin olive oil. This oil result from the first pressing of olives and is best used as a dressing. It’s a waste to use this sometimes very expensive oil for frying or sautéing – the gihg heat destroys its flavor – and there are times, such as when making mayonnaise, when such an assertive flavor isn’t appropriate. In an ideal world, we’d have an assortment of extra virgin olive oils from all over the world to use on our salads or on seafood, but most of us can be happy with one. Inexpensive extra virgin olive oil is often comparable to more expensive brands, so unless you’re sure of what you’re buying, you don’t necessarily get more quality for money. Don’t combine extra virgin olive oil with mustard; they don’t agree. If you like musard in yout vinaigrette, use “pure” olive oil or vegetable oil. 

“Pure” Olive Oil

in addition to extra virgin olive oil, “pure” olive oil is useful to have on hand. Pure olive oil is the lowest marketable grade of olive oil, which in processing, has been stripped of most it’s flavor components, leaving it with a very neutral taste. This is exactly the point. There are times when we dont want our oil to have any tste. Use pure olive oil for fryingand sauteing because it leaves none of the unpleasant fishy taste found in so many vegetable oils. It is also much less expensive than extra virgin oil, whose flavor is destroyed by the heat. Many chefs use it is an all-round oil instead of vegetable oil.