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Care for Tuberculosis Sufferers

In order to commemorate World Tuberculosis Day (HTBS) in every 24 March.

Ottimmo International in collaboration with Persatuan Pemberantasan Tuberkolusis Indonesia  (PPTI) held a National Webinar as an effort to educate the public about the understanding of TB infectious diseases, Saturday afternoon (27/3/2021).

On this occasion, the Head of the JRC PPTI Clinic, dr. Ika Hernianti conveyed what are the indicators of TB disease, how to implement a healthy lifestyle, and preventive actions that people need to take in order to avoid TB infectious diseases.

“Including the selection of food for tuberculosis sufferers, there are actually no restrictions, but if the patient experiences symptoms such as coughing, he is not allowed to eat fried foods,” he said.

According to him, most TB sufferers experience weight loss due to several factors.

Among other things, due to loss of appetite, nausea, and stomach pain. Body conditions that do not get enough nutrition are prone to reduce the body’s ability to fight disease.

To get around this, Ottimmo International through its Culinary Arts Instructor, Chef Arya Putra, provides a solution by providing delicious and healthy food recipes for TB sufferers.

In the webinar, Chef Arya showed recipes for 7 menu variants and how to make them for participants to try at their respective homes.

Not only that, Chef Arya also demonstrated one of the 7 menus, Tahu Mun in front of 400 participants from all over Indonesia.

“This menu is deliberately designed to be high in calories but low in fat so that it is healthy for consumption by TB sufferers. In addition, this food menu is an option so that TB sufferers do not get bored and eat more varied foods in their consumption. to arouse their appetite, “he said.

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