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Mr William Wongso as a guest speaker

Indonesia is a country that consists of several islands, because it is rich in culture, Indonesia also has several special snacks from each region. This snack is commonly called by some people as a jajan pasar (traditional snack). Jajan pasar is delicious in terms of taste, but still lacks a high selling value. Some people still underestimate to traditional snack (jajan pasar), because some people prefer to consume modern snacks, even though not many people know that tradiotional snacks themselves are quite attractive if they are re-created and have a pretty good selling value.

In collaboration with Fibercreme, we took the initiative to create a webinar by highlighting the advantages of these traditional snacks, by inviting guest star William Wongso who is an Indonesia culinary expert, giving participants an insight into the advantages of this traditional snacks in the archipelago as well as business opportunities.

In addition, this webinar also provided the participants with nutritional knowledge presented by Ottimmo lecturer (Ms. Nurul) and a cooking demo performed by Chef Yohanna and Jason Ricardo, one of Ottimmo students. Held on December 15, 2020 at the Fibercreme studio and on the ottimmo campus, during the cooking demonstration they cooked 2 types of jajan pasar that we usually encounter, but served or processed in a more attractive way and the ingredients used are also healthier.

The winner of webinar’s give away did one day cooking class

Like sweet potato croquettes filled with chicken and compote but packed in panacota. The purpose of this event is to educate the audience that jajan pasar have a high selling value as long as they are packaged attractively, and also provide education that there are healthier alternative ingredients that can be used to make jajan pasar. In this event we provide a give away for 5 winners, and they get the opportunity to do a one day cooking class at ottimmo which will be held on January 8 at ottimmo international