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Communication Plays Crucial Role for Chefs

OTTIMMO – Chef as a profession is not only about the skill of cooking in the kitchen. More than that, a chef needs to have other skills to support their performance in the kitchen. In Ottimmo International Mastergourmet Academy, the students do not only learn to cook various dishes in the world. They also learn skills they need to be professional chefs.


One of those skills is communication. The skill is learned in a special subject in class. Communication skill plays a crucial role for chefs as they will not work alone later on, but they will work in a team as well.


“Professional chefs must be able to communicate well. Not only to communicate well with partners in the kitchen, but also in a wider context. They must be a team player and also capable of coordinating their own team. Excellent communication is necessary,” explained Tri Ambarwatie Msi, the lecturer of communication skill.


Chef profession, added Tri, is not an individual job which does not involve interaction. Culinary business development demands a chef to be skillful, especially when they decide to choose entrepreneurship for their career choice.


“When you work in a company, chefs must be able to work with their partners. Meanwhile, the chefs who have their own business must be able to do more. They have to manage their business and great communication skill is needed in their relation with internal and external people,” she elaborated.


Communication skill class covers interpersonal communication, public speaking and understanding other global language cultures. Students are also taught to handle conflicts professionally.


“Conflicts can happen at work, with work partners, subordinates or our boss. It is important for chefs who have their own business to resolve the conflict among their subordinates. The chefs must also have great leadership skill,” Tri said.


Based on international standards, Communication skill class in Ottimmo International Mastergourmet Academy is presented in English. It makes the students ready to interact not only Indonesian but also people from other countries. (*)