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The Perfect Solution for Culinary and Hotel Industry

A particularly significant development has taken place in the culinary business for the last few years. Restaurants, cafes, hotels until online-based food outlets have an open competition in this business.

Therefore, the demand for the culinary business basis is increasing as well. The most important basis of this business is the chef. But, we must admit that the culinary business development has not been proportional to the availability of quality chefs. It is difficult to find a cooking school or campus which educates excellent chefs.

In Indonesia, there are only cooking courses which do not have capability to produce all-round chefs. Most of them only produce graduates with limited skills, only capable of turning recipes into dishes and cakes and other skills which disregard the nutrition, plate presentation, creativity to create new dishes. They do not have a sense of business as well.

Young cooking enthusiasts must go abroad and spend great deal of money to be experts in international culinary arts since there are only limited culinary education institutions in Indonesia. Ironically, there are a lot of job vacancies in culinary business filled by foreign chefs. In the end, the supply of quality chefs does not meet the demand. As a matter of fact, those chefs often move from one restaurant to another which will be unfavorable for the culinary business itself.

In response to this concern, OTTIMMO International MasterGourmet offers the solution. The academy is established by international standards to be the center of trainings in culinary arts for young talents so they can achieve their dreams to be professional and world class chefs. OTTIMMO prepare the graduates with soft skill integrated with academic business international atmosphere.

OTTIMMO International MasterGourmet Academy tries to produce brilliant chefs with the best quality. not merely chefs looking for jobs but we push them to be innovative entrepreneurs in culinary industry. OTTIMMO International MasterGourmet Academy graduates are ready to meet the culinary business increasing demand.

The rapid development of tourism industry, followed with increasing number of tourists will also boost the hotel and restaurant business. Therefore, Indonesia needs to produce a lot of culinary experts to support that dynamic development and OTTIMMO International MasterGourmet Academy will rise to the challenge.

Our country has enormous wealth in culinary arts, from the West to the East and it is famous for its delicious dishes. OTTIMMO International MasterGourmet Academy will focus on Indonesian culinary in its curriculum so it can be a reference for foreign students who want to learn Indonesian culinary arts.

We should never forget that Indonesia is the Coffee Heaven on Earth. High quality and famous coffee is produced from Aceh to Papua. OTTIMMO International MasterGourmet Academy will also broaden the students’ knowledge of coffee across Indonesia extensively, from the characters to its development to be various kinds of drinks such espresso, latte, capuccino, frapuccino and many others.

OTTIMMO International MasterGourmet Academy will always develops. Besides improving our quality, we have great plans to expand our network in other big cities in Indonesia. OTTIMMO must be within reach of those future chefs across the country. *

By: Danu Rianto (Founder of OTTIMMO International)

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Best Academy to Educate World Class Chefs

“It takes five minutes to look like a chef, but it takes a lifetime to be the real chef”. World class chefs are not moulded in a
short time, but a great deal of process, strong will and determination to work hard is needed.
OTTIMMO International MasterGourmet Academy has global missions, not only to educate chefs so they gain excellent competence and skills, but also to be chefs with moral and ethical codes, strong character, sensitivity to surroundings and a sense of responsibility.
In the academy, the students will learn a lot of things which support their career in the professional as world. The instructors do not make students prepare dishes from recipes, but they also embrace underlying philosophy of culinary arts.
There are a lot of aspects taught to students, creativity, originality, choice of ingredients, flavor combinations,
time management, plate presentation, until how the students plan their menu carefully and in details.
OTTIMMO International MasterGourmet Academy does not teach the students to cook directly. They are obliged to understand what they need to do in the kitchen through theoretical preparation in the first semester. Therefore, the students will be able to understand everything about the kitchen and ready for practical work in the next semester.
Students of OTTIMMO International MasterGourmet Academy are given a set of skills different from other cooks.
They can translate and develop their own menu as well as calculate the cost needed to prepare the dishes.
I realized that culinary education in Indonesia cannot be provided with only national standards. But OTTIMMO International MasterGourmet has an extensive curriculum equal with the Diploma III (three year program) degree, referring to international curriculum. The goal of the academy is to be the renowned culinary education trending in Asia even the world.
Indonesians do not have to go to neighbouring Asian countries or other countries to get prestigious culinary education. OTTIMMO International MasterGourmet Academy is on a par with other culinary schools in Asian, European or even American countries.
From the observations and experiences I gained abroad, the standards of education set in OTTIMMO International MasterGourmet Academy are designed to be similar. Located in Citraland, the campus and the curriculum of his academy are of international standards. The instructional language used is English.
Students are not only taught to cook and bake but also to learn about English, Nutrition and other courses. They are also taught to be entrepreneurs who can start their own culinary businesses. OTTIMMO International MasterGourmet Academy really concerns with its education to produce world class chefs.
The students of OTTIMMO International MasterGourmet Academy are aimed to have global scale mindset, not only in Indonesia. The academy also has premium facilities, from the kitchen, pastry set, cooking utensils to the ingredients are of international standards.
Another essential aspect is the quality of the instructors. They are not only chefs with real-world experience but they also have skills and dedication to teach and assist students in their studies.
The learning method of OTTIMMO International MasterGourmet Academy is currently the best in Indonesia. The academy always make efforts to improve the quality and quantity of the students and to assist them to be professional chefs in order to meet the demand of growing culinary industry.*
By : Zaldy Iskandar (Director of OTTIMMO International MasterGourmet Academy)

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