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In commemoration of National Health Day, OTTIMMO International collaborated with Wahana Visi Indonesia to create an event, namely a virtual cooking class and talk show. The concept of this event is to invite participants to be able to make healthy food made from natural ingredients, as well as collect donations for children in the Asmat tribe.

This cooking class event has been held on November 13, 2021 at 10 AM, by Zoom Meeting account. Participants who took part in this event were 45 people from all over Indonesia.

In this activity OTTIMMO International contributes to providing free food ingredients that will be used for cooking practice. However, our goal is that the participants contribute to the contribution of the children of the Asmat tribe. Quite a lot of enthusiasm for the community to give some of their money to donate.

In this events, there was dr. Dewi Sukowati, MPH as Wahana Visi’s health specialist gave a glimpse of material about a healthy lifestyle by paying attention to the consumption of foods that are free from flour, using less sugar and salt in food. In addition, she also conveyed the harmful effects of what will happen if we consume too much flour, sugar, and salt. After dr Dewi gave the material, chef Yohanna as the instructor chef at ottimmo international gave material on how to make healthy food, namely Wedang Adem. This Wedang Adem is a kind of round, typical food/drink from Indonesia. In this Wedang Adem there are balls made from sago flour, but to make it healthier we replace it with sweet potatoes. To make the color of the balls more attractive, we use orange sweet potato and purple sweet potato as the main ingredients, for the filling we use mashed peanuts which are cooked with a little sugar, then for this Wedang Adem broth we use herbal powder iboe variant of grass. and ginger so that the wedang feels warm. This event runs for 2 hours, and all participants can follow well


Diabetes is a chronic health condition that affects how your body turn food into energy. Most of food you eat is broken down into sugar and release into your bloodstream. When your blood sugar goes up, it signals your pancreas to release insulin. Insulin acts like a key to let the blood sugar into your body cells for use as energy. If you have diabetes, your body is either does not make enough insulin or can not use the insulin it makes as well as it should. When there isn’t enough insulin or cells stop responding to insulin, too much blood sugar stay in your bloodstreams. Over time that can cause serious health problems, such as heart disease, vision loss, and kidney disease. There is not a cure yet for diabetes, but losing weight, eating healthy food, and being active can really help.  This article we will discuss about sugar that is safe for diabetics. It must be familiar with stevia sugar, Yes…it is sugar that is safe for diabetics. This sugar is made from stevia leaves, different with white sugar that made from sugarcane, but stevia has sweetness 250 – 300 times than table sugar. The following are comparison of white sugar and stevia sugar.

  1. Chemical Composition
  • White Sugar – Sucrose
  • Stevia Sugar – Glikosida Steviol

2. Calorie Valuer/100gr

  • White Sugar 394 cal
  • Stevia Sugar 0 cal

3. Health Effect

So for all people with diabetes, there is no need to worry when you want to consume sugar. Use stevia sugar to be safe for your health.