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Ottimmo Students Finish 2017 Even Semester

OTTIMMO–All students of Ottimmo International have finished their second and fourth semester in 2017. Their studies ended last weekend after two weeks of busy schedules. They have long holiday until August 2017.

In the end of their second and fourth semester, the students have two kinds of exam, Final Exam and Final Project. Both look alike but they are actually very different from one another. Fourth semester students of Baking and Pastry for example, they had an individual Final Exam.

For their final project, they have to create something in groups. In one group, there are four or five students working on their final project in eight hours, from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.

“Final Project is more tiring that the final exam, even though it is a group work. It is more difficult as we have to make one integrated concept and create a good teamwork with other students. Final exam is easier,” stated Farid Azhari, fourth semester student.

Meanwhile, for the second semester students. There is a final exam and final project but they are similar as both are individual works. They were not only busy in the kitchen because they had to do theoretical tests on English, Nutrition, and other subjects.

The Director of Ottimmo International Zaldy Iskandar holiday for two months. Freshmen orientation will be started in the beginning of August 2017 before all classes are resumed.

“After these final projects and final exams, all students have holiday until August 2017. They just need to wait for the results of tests they have done for the last two weeks. I hope they get the best results,” stated Zaldy Iskandar.*