Hi! My name is Sandjaya Chandra Putra. I have been working at Sheraton Hotel in Germany since September 2022. Before moving to Germany, I worked as a CDP in Austria for two years. Here I work in the cold kitchen, ensuring everything runs well and is aligned with the HACCP standard. Sometimes I also help in the hot kitchen.

Choosing OTTIMMO to pursue my vocational degree in culinary art is a decision I am incredibly thankful for. So many things are helpful once I encounter the real gastronomy world. Besides having qualified instructors, OTTIMMO always uses the finest ingredients to give the best practical experience throughout my study. I enjoy and appreciate every time I spend learning OTTIMMO.

Developing culinary sense, ingredients knowledge, techniques mastery, and business foundation are essential things to achieve success in the industry, and I gain them all from OTTIMMO. OTTIMMO has the ideal curriculum, complete facilities, pleasant learning environment, and strategic location.

For you who are now learning in OTTIMMO, have fun and take as much knowledge as you could. Study and gain more understanding, elevate your standard and expand your skill. Don’t give up on developing yourself. And for you who desire to study in OTTIMMO, you have nothing to doubt. If cooking is truly your passion, OTTIMMO is an excellent pick.

I also want to pass on my gratitude to all lecturers, mentors, and everybody in OTTIMMO. I won’t be here without your generous guidance and support!